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Exercises for Upper Back Strengthening


What with the computer age and increasing hours spent at the keyboard, this upper back strengthening exercises video is essential viewing. In the clinical environment, we are seeing an ever-increasing number of people with upper back pain, headaches, back pain when breathing and other spinal problems related to perpetually hunched working postures.

This back pain video is essential viewing for all computer users.
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This Upper Back Strengthening Exercises Video Focuses on the Basic Exercises for Posture

  • Stretching (decompressing) the spine
  • Straightening the upper back (BackBlock)
  • Straightening the lower back
  • Strengthening the pelvic floor and lower abdominals
  • Strengthening the shoulder retractors and shoulder blade muscles

In This Upper Back Strengthening Video You Will See:


  • The anatomy of the back
  • Where the line of gravity passes through the body
  • The anatomy and function of the thoracic spine 
  • How the ribs join the spine
  • How to relieve pain in the upper back
  • How to deal with upper back pain when breathing
  • Important thorax mobilising techniques
  • Exactly how to do the upper back strengthening exercises
  • The major pitfalls with each exercise explained


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